Reach more Clients and Grow your Income — Without Creating Content From Scratch

with The Premium Business Blueprint - "Business in a Box"

This is for you if: 

  • You want tried and tested content you can use to attract new coaching clients immediately, whether you’re already a coach or are starting a new coaching business  
  • You LOVE SAVING TIME by getting instant access to a proven, step by step “program in a box” you can begin delivering in as little as a few days…and at the same time satisfies your 2 most important needs: creating deep transformation for your clients & creating a BRAND NEW, in-demand income stream  
  • You want something NEW that is easy to market and includes all of the forms, checklists, templates, scripts, even marketing material and more so you can make money right away
  • You want to be an amazing coach for your clients, whether you’re new to coaching or already experienced  

  • You love to learn on a 1:1 basis from a coach who generously gives support, expertise, ideas, marketing help, feedback and more. 

Premium Packages & High-ticket Coaching Programs doubled my Income Almost Overnight and fast-tracked me well past my First 6- Figures. Years later they're still THE MOST profitable part of my business.

When I started my first business back in 2006/7 I did what everyone else did.  

Charged a bit less than “the market rate” and ran loads of offers and deals to get clients in the door.  

And the clients CAME!  

And 7 months later I had to close my business (with more than $20,000 of debt) The thing is I was charging so little to get the clients that I STILL didnt make enough money to keep my business going.  

I was at full capacity and had no more time so I couldnt make any more money…Not to mention the flaky clients that would only book one session or worse book then cancel at the last minute!  

In 2009 when I decided to try again I knew EXACTLY how I was going to sell my services and I created a style of High-ticket Selling that didnt feel like “selling” at all.  

Never would I run out of time, clients or money again. And this is what I want for you too! A lucrative high-end business where you can confidently charge thousands per client!  

Fast forward to today..and I have a thriving business helping coaches, consultants, therapists and service- based business owners to create, market and sell premium packages and high-end programmes so they can make the money they desire to live a life they love!  

Now it’s your turn!  

The Premium Business Blueprint will help you accelerate your success and give you the time for what’s most important to you. 

Watch the video below & Here's What's Included 

The Premium Business Blueprint is a licensing program. Which means once you complete your 1:1 coaching with Julia you’ll receive the ongoing benefits listed below (there are no ‘hidden’ license fees).  

  • License to use the Premium Package Blueprint names and all of the forms, templates, exercises, systems, structures and training in your private or group coaching programs, webinars, workshops, VIP days and more… plus in all of your branding and marketing  
  • Continued access to the Premium Package Blueprint online course even beyond your 3-month training.  
  • The Complete Premium Package Blueprint System with Downloadable Step-by-Step Exercises, Handouts, Checklists, Templates, Examples and More  
  • Done-For-You Marketing Materials Including Sales Page Copy, Emails to sell the program, Opt-in PDF to grow your list, Premium Program Outlines, Discovery Session Content and More  
  • Step-by-Step Strategies On What To Charge  
  • Certified status — you’ll receive your certified status once you complete your 1:1 session with Julia and submit your signed licence agreement. Input your text in this area

5 Coaching Modules 

  • Module 1: Identify your Ideal High-Paying Client: How to find clients who can afford to buy from you.
  • Module 2: Create your Premium Package Step – by- Step zone in on what they will pay high fees for so you create desirable offers
  • Module 3: Pricing your Premium Package What are the best price points for each type of premium package including The #1 thing you must include in your payment plans, so that your clients don’t change their minds.
  • Module 4: Premium Package Marketing My favorite method for screening out clients who aren’t a good fit, so you can avoid spending a lot of time in consultations with people who are not a match.  
  • Module 4 Effortless Sales clearly communicating the value of working with you  

 Bonuses kit with 8 Ready to Go Bonuses for you to offer your clients 

  • Templates for 2 high-value packages you can offer right away (no “figuring it out” required) 
  • Word-for-word script to offer Discovery sessions and Strategy calls at networking meeting (without sounding all cheesy or pushy)
  • Simple scripts to generate a flood of referrals – without being desperate.
  • List of 16 Proven “Hot” Problems That High-Paying Clients Will Eagerly Invest In 
  • How to confidently announce a price increase template 
  • Marketing template of the only 3 emails you need to send & a sample newsletter copy to promote your Premium Programmes, High End Packages And VIP Days.
  • Detailed checklist of exact steps to take BEFORE your sessions to weed out the people who aren’t really serious about hiring you (no more freebie seekers!)
  • Pre-session email template to send the client so when you arrive on the phone together, they practically talk themselves into working with you  

Sales + Marketing Materials Kit for a quick launch  

  • 10 Social Media Posts to Promote Your Program on Facebook
  • Opt-in to grow your list with quality leads
  • Email sequence to warm up your buyers
  • 5 Blog Posts / Newsletter Articles to Promote Your Program 
  • Sales Page Copy to help you sell your program  

Early Bird Investment (until 15th Aug) $5000
Standard Investment $7000


  • The Full Premium Package Blueprint Program  
  • 5 Coaching Modules : All of the slides for each of the 5 modules - Unbranded so you can personalise them to your brand  
  • Bonuses kit with 8 Ready to Go Bonuses 
  • Sales + Marketing Materials Kit for a quick launch  


6 Week 1:1 Implementation Intensive (including 5 x 1:1 coaching calls and unlimited access via email and messenger over 6 weeks)  

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All sales on digital products are final . VAT will be added at checkout as applicable 


Q: I'm a new coach, will this work for me? A: This will work better if you are already up and running and booking clients.  

Q: I don't coach other coaches, will this still work for me? A. Yes. The marketing material includes FIVE examples of Premium Packages for NON-Coaches.  

Q: How quickly will I make back my investment? A: It depends on how quickly you implement. You'll receive everything you need to start marketing IMMEDIATELY. Other coaches have recouped their investment in as little as 10 days.  

Q: Does this program include 1:1 coaching? A: Yes. 6 weeks 1:1 Coaching is included.

Q:What's the difference between this program and other "high-ticket" selling courses? A: This is the closest you will get to "guaranteed income". You'll know how to create and sell your OWN Premium Programs AND you'll be able to coach others to create high-ticket premium packages. No other program does that. 

Unlike so many other programs I've seen, this is practical and shows you EXACTLY what to do!

As a mama of two littles with a husband and full-time job, I am looking for the greatest yield with the least amount of time away from home life had been wanting to start running VIP days but wasn’t sure how to put them together and how to market them. 

Julia is thorough, generous, and shoots straight from the hip, which I love. Unlike so many other programs I've seen, she is practical and shows you what to do. And if you're wise enough to invest in one of her 1:1 calls, you will not be disappointed. I had only 30-minutes with her and 5 months later I still revisit the call to hear the golden nuggets of wisdom she gave me about where to go in my business. Two thumbs up from me! A worthwhile investment. Diera Shaw-Mendez : Diconsha Designs + Events

More FAQs  

After privately mentoring so many women to offer Premium Packages (including businesses like massage and energy work) I know what’s possible for you. And I DON’T want you to miss out because of a few misconceptions that are easily answered.  

“My clients won’t pay higher fees.” Yes, they will. I’ve done it, and my clients have done it, over and over again. It’s just that no one ever gave you the right SYSTEM that shows you how to tap into a secret, hidden desire clients have to actually pay you more. (Statistically speaking, up to 20% of your clients will only pay for a premium level of service. This means you’re not serving these clients if you DON’T have a high-end option.)  

“I haven’t made 6 -Figures yet.” This is awesome! That means you get to completely SKIP all the struggle and heartache when it comes to fees, making real money. I invite you to get excited, because the rules of VIP Days apply no matter what stage of business you’re in. You get to do it right from the get-go.  

“I don’t want to leave people behind.” I completely understand and of course you would never give up on the people you care about. Here’s what I know from experience: many of them will come with you as you “go Premium & raise your fees” because it helps them create such fantastic results. Those who complete can move into your lower cost options (which you’ll finally get to create once you have more space in your schedule).  

“I like working with clients one-on-one!” Me too! But I’d bet that currently, much of your time goes to clients who are…let’s say…less than satisfying for you. Imagine working exclusively with highly motivated dream clients who show up powerfully and get amazing results. That’s the true beauty of Premium Packages – you get to work with clients like THAT. All the time.  

 “I’m not ready!” I’m flat-out calling you out that one because we know it’s just not true! You and I both know that there’s no “perfect time” to accelerate your growth, and that you’re more than ready right NOW to make a heck of a lot more money, in less time, and with more freedom in your life.  

So let me ask you…

If you could add an ADDITIONAL $10k - $15k (btw $10,000 = 5 clients @$2000 each) to your business each month…how would that change the game for you? 

With The Premium Business Blueprint you'll be able to....

 Charge Double, Triple or Quadruple what you were charging before.

Instead of a few hundred dollars, your VIP Day could start at $900 - $3000, and UP. Once you gain confidence and experience, your fees will go up - fees of $5,000 - 10,000 per day Sign up several clients at once and you're looking at a five-figure to 6-figure payday.  

Free up your time

Even when working one to one, you're often spending less time with clients and making more. And because VIP Day clients sign up quickly, you spend less time marketing to find them.  

Attract serious clients

who show up on time and do the work it takes to get results because you’re attracting a different kind of client and working with them at a much higher level. High-end clients are a joy to work with – and needy, demanding clients are rare.  

Use your time better  

Getting a few committed clients at higher fees creates a boost of cash and frees up time and energy which you can use as LEVERAGE to get to the next level .

Create big paydays with NO marketing budget! 

All you’ll need are the simple tools I’ll show you. You can get your first – or next – VIP Day client with a single conversation. Establish yourself as a GO-TO EXPERT in your industry, because youoffer the best results

Grow your income a lot faster 

than by offering low end offerings