The Quickest Way to Charge More for Your Coaching Without Losing Clients in the Process 

Who VIP Day Mastery is NOT for:

This is not for you if...

  • You hate working 1:1 with Clients
  • You believe that group programs are the only way to make "big money" from coaching
  • You hate the idea of making money in huge chunks
  • You aren’t ready to be earn $1000 - $10,000 for only 8 hours of work
  • You are not willing to spend only 3 - 4 days each month working with clients  

But if you

  • Are at your best when you can brainstorm with a special client and work through her roadblocks with her
  • Have created a VIP Day by yourself and it isnt selling as often as you want.
  • Are looking for that one simple key that will up-level you and your revenue immediately (and without any of those soul-sucking, complicated Internet launches)

Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.

There are only so many hours in a day, and you have limited time to work with individual clients on an hourly basis.

Your problem isnt "trading time for money" it's that you're trading 

too much time for too little money .


VIP Days are the quickest, simplest and most direct path possible to getting high-paying clients and creating cash flow in your business right now.  

Best of all, you DON'T have to wait 'til you have the perfect niche, a beautiful website, or big list to make it happen. 

VIP Days Doubled my Income Almost Overnight and fast-tracked me to my First 6- Figures. Years later they're still THE MOST profitable part of my business.

Why I'm so passionate about VIP Days....  

As all good stories start, once upon a time, when I was still a relatively new coach, I went from selling packages of 3 sessions for £250 to VIP days for £1500. 

The truth is some months I only sold 3 sets of sessions and made £750.  

So selling ONE VIP day for £1500 instantly DOUBLED my income working with just ONE (awesome) client.

Up until then I’d though that "Work less and Earn more" was just marketing nonsense. VIP days helped me to see that that was truly possible.  

If I had to start my coaching business all over again, I’d offer VIP Days quicker. Not group programmes, not a membership site, not an e-course. 

VIP days. Here’s why:  

They were easy to sell (one conversation with ONE person = ONE sale of a VIP day) I could charge significantly more for 1: 1 attention. (I started at £1500/day then grew to £5000/day) Clients LOVED the “instant-ness” of it. (they come in with a problem and walk out with a solution)  

VIP Days cut my working hours by more than half and got me to the 10K month mark super - fast (7 days work @ £1500 = £10,500/month ) As I write this my current VIP Day rate is £5000.  

They boost your income and your PROFIT (and profit is the number that matters)  

I could go on and on. Whether you’re a new coach or been coaching forever, if you don’t offer VIP days you’ll want to.  

It’s the most powerful tool in your money - making arsenal and has the power to transform your business and your bottom line.  

If you’ve ever considered offering VIP days to your clients (or even if you haven’t) now is the time! When you offer VIP days, your income will grow exponentially. You’ll be able to work with fewer clients, put in fewer hours per week, and take home more money than you are now—just by concentrating your efforts into tightly focused day-long events. 

You have instant access to all of the Modules in the VIP Day Mastery Programme so you can design & sell your first VIP Day as soon as next week. (it is for you if you like quick, tangible results) 

Module - by- Module Peek inside :


 Identify your Ideal High Paying Client : How to find clients who can AFFORD to buy from you.

  • At the end of this module, you will know:  
  • 3 Steps to Identifying and then emotionally connecting with your ideal client so that you can easily write compelling copy for your website, emails and sales pages  
  • How to zone in on what they will pay high fees for so you create desirable offers  
  • What key words to include in your programmes make marketing easier.

Module 1: Designing and Delivering Your VIP Day 

As with most things, the secret to success lies in the planning. Get this part right, and the rest will quickly fall into place. In module one, we’ll cover everything you need to do to ensure a smooth transition from coach to VIP master. You’ll discover… 

  • How to choose a topic/focus for your VIP Day- get this right and your VIP Day will practically sell itself
  • The five different types of VIP days - and how to know which one to choose for your business
  • 3 things you must know before you get started—get these right, and the rest of the planning is a breeze! 
  • Why your VIP day shouldn’t appeal to everyone—and how to make it a must-have for your ideal client.
  • How to knock your client’s socks off by laser targeting her exact “big problem”—she’ll love you for life and become your biggest fan when you help her get past this hurdle. 
  • How to ensure your ideal client feels comfortable enough to take the leap—VIP days are costly, so it’s critical you get this part right the first time. 
  • How to properly price your VIP days so you don’t lose money. 
  • 8 Expenses coaches fail to include in their pricing consideration—miss these and you’ll find yourself paying out of pocket at the last minute!
  • 4 potential venue choices—including one you may not have considered  

Module 2: How to Organize the Perfect VIP Day  

Got a plan in place? Great! Let’s talk about how to make the most of your VIP days. This takes a bit of organization, but we already know you’re great at that, so module two is going to be a breeze for you. In it, you’ll learn...  

  •  How to correctly incorporate flexibility into a strict schedule—because your clients want to know exactly what to expect, but they also need a little unscripted time, too. 
  • 4 ways to pre-qualify VIP candidates—this must-do step is critical to your success as a coach, so don’t skip this one!
  • How to use the pre-screening process to customize your VIP days for individual clients—this virtually ensures she’ll leave her session singing your praises to everyone who will listen. 
  • 4 ways to raise your rates—and have your clients thanking you for it. 
  • 3-step plan for structuring your VIP days—when you get these important pieces in place, the rest will flow naturally. 
  • VIP Day sample schedule for online and in-person VIP Days—so you can know what works, what doesn’t, and how to avoid overwhelming your clients with too much information.
  • “Extras” you can provide to make her choice to invest in your coaching even more memorable—because it’s often the smallest details that provide the biggest benefit to your clients. 
  • 7 VIP day components to consider outsourcing—trying to do everything yourself will leave you frazzled and inattentive, so plan ahead to get some help where needed.  

 Module 3: How to Sell out & Fill Your VIP Days  

Now that the planning and structure is complete, it’s time for the rubber to hit the road. Let’s get the word out about your VIP Days and generate qualified leads. In module three, we’ll cover… 

  • 8 tried-and-true content marketing strategies that work—start building a buzz about your VIP day using some or all of these techniques, and word will quickly spread. 
  • The number one way to generate interest fast with a highly targeted audience—using this tool in conjunction with the content marketing strategies we’ve already covered will leave you with more potential clients than you can handle! 
  • How to host a professional, productive webinar that sells—pay close attention to this section and you’ll never have to worry about technical glitches that spell disaster. 
  • 4 questions to answer before you begin planning your content—you’ll save yourself hours of wasted time by thinking through these first.
  • Call-to-action strategies that work—use just one of these techniques and see your conversions increase dramatically. 
  • 3 powerful follow-up techniques to keep them interested—most will not buy immediately, but a carefully structured follow-up series can turn a “maybe” into a “hell yes!”  

Hall of Fame: VIP Day Mastery Success Stories

If you have never heard of me or VIP Day Mastery... then please read the success stories below.

Go on, read them. These are the shining stars, the hall of famers, the star students of VIP Day Mastery. The good thing is none of these people are “special”.  

No special education No special connections or friends in high places No special secret advantage

Listen to these stories and ask yourself, “Are these people an entirely different breed of human?” Your answer will be a big resounding NO.

Sold 3 VIP Days in 2 Weeks! 

They were easy sales as I felt confident talking about my VIP Days the benefit that people would get from working with me!

I had been wanting to start running VIP days but wasn’t sure how to put them together and how to market them. 

VIP Day Mastery showed me how to put Intensives together that fit my business and way of working. I offered some “beta” spaces to start with and sold 3 of the 4 I offered in 2 weeks. 

They were easy sales as I felt confident talking about them and the benefit that people would get from them! The course is very practical and easy to implement. 

The course gives you a blueprint for putting together the right VIP day for you and your clients so it’s really easy to sell!

I’d 100% recommend this course! 

Rebecca Boulton:The Hormone Mentor

Sold my first VIP Day as a result of the course! 

I was going through changes in my personal life that meant I had less time for my usual way of working with clients over a longer period. I needed a new way to work that would still add massive value but would take up less time and "bandwidth" to plan and deliver.

I thought about VIP Days but for some reason have been nervous about them and had so many questions about what needed to happen on the day so when I heard Julia talking about VIP Day Mastery I knew it was the answer - I didn't hesitate to grab my spot .

The course is simple, comprehensive and results driven. You get your questions answered I was really impressed with Julia's commitment to know my business, and be available to ask and answer the questions so that by the end of the program I had my VIP day ready to rock 'n' roll  

Since the VIP Day Mastery, I have ran one trial-run day and sold one VIP day, undoubtedly, the course helped me. The good thing is, I get life long access to the course material so I can keep referring back to it all and keep developing and embellishing my VIP Day offering - I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Julia and her VIP Day Mastery course

Dion Johnson-Senior Women in Leadership  

Unlike so many other programs I've seen, this is practical and shows you EXACTLY what to do!

As a mama of two littles with a husband and full-time job, I am looking for the greatest yield with the least amount of time away from home life had been wanting to start running VIP days but wasn’t sure how to put them together and how to market them. 

Julia is thorough, generous, and shoots straight from the hip, which I love. Unlike so many other programs I've seen, she is practical and shows you what to do. And if you're wise enough to invest in one of her 1:1 calls, you will not be disappointed. I had only 30-minutes with her and 5 months later I still revisit the call to hear the golden nuggets of wisdom she gave me about where to go in my business. Two thumbs up from me! A worthwhile investment.  

Diera Shaw-Mendez : Diconsha Designs + Events

The programme both practical and thought provoking!

Deciding to join Julia's VIP Day Mastery Programme last year was an easy choice for me - I love the way she teaches and shares her wisdom through personal experience, and I appreciate her clarity of thinking and expression (and yes, her fearless ability to kick ass too!).  

I found the programme both practical and thought provoking and I loved being challenged to broaden my thinking about what else I can offer to my clients, and being inspired to consider how I can create even more powerful experiences for my change maker & legacy leaver clients who are on a mission to make a difference in the world.

 I recommend this programme to anyone looking for an authentic model of how to use VIP experiences to make a powerful impact in their business - 

Julia BT is the real deal! 

Sue Revell Personal Leadership & Mindset Coach to Change Makers & Legacy Leavers  

All sales on digital products are final. No refunds. VAT will be added at checkout where applicable.


After privately mentoring so many women to offer VIP Days (including businesses like massage and energy work) I know what’s possible for you. And I DON’T want you to miss out because of a few misconceptions that are easily answered.  

“My clients won’t pay higher fees.” Yes, they will. I’ve done it, and my clients have done it, over and over again. It’s just that no one ever gave you the right SYSTEM that shows you how to tap into a secret, hidden desire clients have to actually pay you more. (Statistically speaking, up to 20% of your clients will only pay for a premium level of service. This means you’re not serving these clients if you DON’T have a high-end option.)  

“I haven’t made 6 -Figures yet.” This is awesome! That means you get to completely SKIP all the struggle and heartache when it comes to fees, making real money. I invite you to get excited, because the rules of VIP Days apply no matter what stage of business you’re in. You get to do it right from the get-go.  

“I don’t want to leave people behind.” I completely understand and of course you would never give up on the people you care about. Here’s what I know from experience: many of them will come with you as you “go Premium & raise your fees” because it helps them create such fantastic results. Those who complete can move into your lower cost options (which you’ll finally get to create once you have more space in your schedule).  

“I’m not a coach and I don’t teach clients how to make money.” You don’t have to teach clients how to make money, you just need to help them with a specific problem or challenge they want solved. I’ve mentored accountants, holistic nutritionists, life purpose coaches, fertility experts, massage therapists, energy healers, and spiritual life coaches, and many more – all have made big money with VIP Days.  

“I like working with clients one-on-one!” Me too! But I’d bet that currently, much of your time goes to clients who are…let’s say…less than satisfying for you. Imagine working exclusively with highly motivated dream clients who show up powerfully and get amazing results. That’s the true beauty of VIP Days – you get to work with clients like THAT. All the time.  

 “I’m not ready!” I’m flat-out calling you out that one because we know it’s just not true! You and I both know that there’s no “perfect time” to accelerate your growth, and that you’re more than ready right NOW to make a heck of a lot more money, in less time, and with more freedom in your life.  

So let me ask you…

If you could $1000 to $10,000 (btw $10,000 = 5 clients @$2000 each) to your business each month, from a smaller number of highly committed clients…how would that change the game for you? 

Let me level with you...fair and square. VIP Day Mastery is not your typical Online Course  

What this is NOT:

This is NOT something that requires you to pay through the nose for an expensive private coaching program

This is NOT something that asks you to cash in your 401k chasing the " work wherever you want" dream

VIP Day Mastery is The Quickest Way to Charge More for Your Coaching Without Losing Clients in the Process

And it will forever eradicate the need to do the mindless, useless things the "just add a zero" or "just feel into it and manifest" experts have been telling you to do for years.  

This is your chance to say "See I told you so" as you glide through from struggling to make enough charging for sessions to confidently signing up clients for waaaaay more than your current hourly rate

Ahhh sweet sweet smell of victory!  

With a system to Design and Market Profitable VIP Days you'll be able to....  

 Charge Double, Triple or Quadruple what you were charging before.

Instead of a few hundred dollars, your VIP Day could start at $900 - $3000, and UP. Once you gain confidence and experience, your fees will go up - fees of $5,000 - 10,000 per day Sign up several clients at once and you're looking at a five-figure to 6-figure payday.  

Free up your time

Even when working one to one, you're often spending less time with clients and making more. And because VIP Day clients sign up quickly, you spend less time marketing to find them.  

Attract serious clients

who show up on time and do the work it takes to get results because you’re attracting a different kind of client and working with them at a much higher level. High-end clients are a joy to work with – and needy, demanding clients are rare.  

Use your time better  

Getting a few committed clients at higher fees creates a boost of cash and frees up time and energy which you can use as LEVERAGE to get to the next level .

Create big paydays with NO marketing budget! 

All you’ll need are the simple tools I’ll show you. You can get your first – or next – VIP Day client with a single conversation. Establish yourself as a GO-TO EXPERT in your industry, because youoffer the best results

Grow your income a lot faster 

than by offering low end offerings

Join VIP Day Mastery Today

  • 5 Training Videos covering the Complete VIP Day Mastery System
  • 5 Worksheets 
  • VIP Day Action Plan that lays out exactly what to do, day by day, to sell your first VIP Day 
  • Done-For-You materials including templates, checklists and word-for-word scripts for fast implementation.